jueves, 24 de enero de 2013

What are you wearing today, fourth year students...?

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  1. I am wearing a blue sweater with Hood, but without zipper. It has got white writings and a coat. I´m wearing sport trousers with white strikers, and white trainers, with pink, and purple stripes and it shoes laces are bleu. I have got some bracelets. They are pink and braided, red and white. In my hair I have got a pony tail seized with a white elastic.

    Cristina Baldellou

  2. Today i'm wearing a red hoddy sweatshirt with writings, the British flag and a big pocket, and black sport trousers with white stripes. It has got pockets too. I'm also wearing pink and purple trainers with white stripes and shoelaces. I have got a necklace, two bracelets and a ponytail in my hair.

    Esther Palacio

  3. On Tuesday I was wearing blue sweatpans with a grey sweater. We had PE, so I was wearing my sneakers too. It was cold, so I took a GAP sweatshirt and a coat.
    In this class with Cindy, we learned new vocabulary about clothes, and how can we say what we are wearing. For example "cordones" are "shoeslaces" puntos are "polka dots"...
    Gabriela Blasco

  4. Last Tuesday we had PE so I had to wear track-suit. I wore black sweat pans and a purple sweatshirt. This time I wore different sneakers... they were white, but they wore green stripes and pink shoe laces. My sweatshirt wores a purple hood too. It is nice because i bought it in Compostela last summer. My sweat pans didn`t wear pockets.
    I wore a pony tail with a elastic because i have got a lot of hair
    Usually, I prefer don´t wear bracelets or something similar but I always wear my earrings.

  5. Last Tuesday we had PE with Alberto, so we must wear tracksuit. I wore a yellow shirt, a black legins and a red sweatshirt. My sweatshirt is writing and with some polka dols. My trainers are red and white with a purple shoelaces.
    I always wear a ponytail because it's more comfortable to run, to jump.. But I never wear any bracelets or laces.
    I don't like wear tracksuit because I think it's really masculine.

  6. last Thursday, we played a baseball in PE, so we had to wear tracksuit. I was wearing gray tracksuit pants and his right leg had a pink writing .
    I was also wearing a gray sweatshirt, it had a pink writing  and a hood.
    In my neck, I was wearing a brown gaitor.
    I wasn't wearing a ponytail, but wore a gold headband braid.
    My sneakers were gray, and it didn't had stripes. The tissue was with polka dots.. The shoelaces were dark gray.
    In the ears I was wearing earrings, they were pearls.
    Andrea Espuña

  7. Last Thursday we had English lessons. Cindy asked us for describing what we were wearing that day.
    I was wearing grey trousers of tracksuit, a red sweatshirt with writting on it and a hood.
    I was wearing white training shoes with laces.
    I was wearing a pony tail with a black elastic.
    That day I was wearing earings, bracelet,a blue ring and a whatch.
    Marta Muelas

  8. Last Thursday I was wearing a tracksuit because we had PE. The trousers of the tracksuit were grey with white stripes.
    I was wearing a pink sweatshirt with a hood and a pink t-shirt with white stripes too. I was also wearing white shocks, black polka-dolls and striped trainers. In my hair I was wearing a black headband. In my hand I was wearing bracelets and a watch and I wasn’t wearing earrings because I don’t like carrying them for PE.
    Laura Angós

  9. The last Thursday I was wearing a tracksuit because every Thusday I have PE , my trainers are White with black stripes , a grey sports trausers with trhee black stripes and a black sweatshirt writting and with a hood.

  10. Today I'm wearing a tracksuit because I like doing sport. I'm wearing black sweatpans and a gray and writing sweatshirt with a hood. I'm also wearing a black white striped trainers with pink shoelaces. I like wearing a pink headband too, because it's more comfortable but I never wear necklaces or bracelets becase I think they're uncomfortable.
    Elena Muñoz

  11. Last Thursday I was wearing a tracksuit beacuse we had PE. I have got grey sweeatshirt writting with a hood and a black buff. Also I have got a black leggins and a white trainers with green stripes.
    Andrea Esteban

  12. Last Thursday we had PE. I was dressed in black leggings and a gray sweatshirt with white stripes. Below sweatshirt wearing a pink shirt with a black letters.
    I wore blue sneakers with fluorescent yellow shoelaces.
    Rebeca Sanjuan.