miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Baseball in the fourth year of Secondary

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  1. Five weeks ago, we played baseball. This sport is really important in American's culture because this game was born in this country.
    Cindy told us the rules and we learnt it.
    Merche took photos to us. That experience was really funny!!
    We did two teams, we put the bases and we started!
    I would like to play it again!!
    Blanca Cavero

    1. ... in American culture because... we learnt them. Merche took some photos of us.

  2. A few weeks ago, Cindy came to E.S.O class room and we were playing baseball. Baseball is a game that is formed by two teams of nine players each. Cindy explained the rules and how to shoot correctly while Merche took pictures. It was a positive experience in which we were able to play a new game and have fun together.
    Rebeca Sanjuan.

    1. ... to E.S.O classroom...
      ...while Merche was taking photos.


  3. Cindy, our American teacher who comes on Thursdays, taught us the history of baseball and how to play it.
    First, we saw a presentation with its history and the rules to play. After we did some activities like a crossword or answer some questions. Finally, we put all our knowledge in practice , playing a real game.
    Although the field was smaller, and we changed some rules to make it easier, we had fun.
    Cindy was the referee and us the players, while Merche was taking some photos.
    I had fun :)
    Andrea Espuña

  4. ...Afterwards we did...
    Cindy was the referee and we were the players...