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Hello, second year students!! Can you describe your bedroom?

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  1. Hello my name is Alberto , my bedroom isn't very big but I've got a bed, a desk, a chest of drawers, an armchair and a wardrobe. When I play in my room i always tidy it, but I never clean the flor and I never make my bed. I love my ed room because is the only room of my house where I can play and nobody tell me. I always do my homerworks in my bedroom because it's very silence.
    Bye bye. Alberto Montalvo

    1. ...I always...the floor...
      I love my bedroom because it is the.
      ..and nobody tells me anything.
      ... my homework... it's very quiet.

      Very good, Alberto! !

  2. Hello! I´m Paula, I love my bedroom! It is quite small but it is enough for me. My bedroom is purple and white and it has got a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a chair, two big windows, some pillows, two lamps, three shelves, two cupboards, a mirror and a chest of drawers. I always do my homework in my desk. I tidy my bedroon every weekend but I don´t like it and I make my bed every day but not always in the morning. I like listening to music and reading in my bedroom.
    Good bye. Paula Sampietro

  3. Hello ! I´m Ana, my bedroom isn´t very big, but it got two beds, a desk and a chair, where I do my homework, a chest of drawers, a piano, some shelves where I keep my books and a wardrobe with a lot of clothes. My bedroom is white and blue, and everything I need is there. I like my bedroom becuase it´s very confortable, but I don´t love it becuase I would have more space. I tidy my room once a week, and I don´t often clean the floor becuase there isn´t anything on it. In my bedroom I love to read, and I sometimes listen to music there.
    Bye bye !!
    Ana Marco.

    1. ... but it has got...
      I love reading...

      Excellent, Ana!!

  4. Hello, I'm Inés. My bedrom is big and it got two beds, a desk, a chiar, a piano, a TV, a small shelf and a wardrobe. In my bedroom there is a bathroom and it is only for me. My bedroom is orange and white and it´s the quietest room in the house. I like my besdoom because I can play de piano evey day, do my homework, watch TV... In he bedroom i've two computers one for me and one for my sister.
    I clean the floor once a week usually on Saturdays but I tidy my room three or four times a wek.
    Bye bye!

    1. My bedroom is big and it has got...
      In my bedroom I've got...
      a week.

      Excellent, Inés!!

  5. Hi, I´m Nadia, my bedroom is white and big, there are a bunk, a very big purple desk, a two bookcase, a small cupboard, a lot of books, stuff animals and photos of my friends, my family and me. I´ve got in my bedroom a small TV, a new computer, a lot of posters of music stars and animals. Under my bunk there is a chest of drawers, and under my desk too. There is my guitar, I love playing it, on thursday I go to class of guitar at five o´clock.
    Bye :)

    1. ... there are a bunk bed...
      ... two bookcases,
      ... stuff about animals
      In my bedroom I´ve got...
      ...on Thursday I go to guitar class...

      Very good, Nadia!


  6. Hello I`m Julia , my bedroom is purple and pink and I don` like those colours because I painted it when I was seven, but it`s very comfortable. In my room there`re a trunk, a box for shoes and a shelve on the right.
    On the left there`re a basket for my dirty clothes, a wardrobe, under the wardrobe there`s a chest of drawers and on the left there`s a TV; also a bed, above the bed there`s a bookcase so I keep my books and on the bookcase there`re two cupboards too.
    At the end of the corridor there`s a desk with a red chair that I use it for do my homework.
    And my favorite thing it`s the TV because I can watch it when I`m boured.
    Until Monday!!

    1. ... there is a trunk...
      ....and a shelf...
      ... there is a basket
      ...I use to...
      And my favourite thing is... I`m bored.
      See you on Monday!!

      Very good, Julia!!!