jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Hello, third year students!! First of all I'd like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And now...tell us about an experience in your life...

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  2. Hello I´m jaime.
    I´m going to tell about one experience in my life. Four years ago in summer; when I was ten years old ,I went for the first time to Robliza (my town). It was sunny,the sun was shine and the pool water was clear .The pool depth was a metre and suddenly inadvertent I jumped of head into the water. And I´ve been badly damaged in the head. After that I was taken to the hospital.
    And this is my experience in my live.

    1. Hello I´m Jaime.
      I´m going to tell you about an experience...
      ...the sun was shining...
      ...and suddenly I jumped into the water. And I was badly damaged in my head.
      ... in my life.

      Good, Jaime, but you had to use present perfect!!

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  4. Hello I´m Alejandro and I want to tell you about an experience has been very successful to me.
    I´ve always been a music lover, I have played piano since my childhood I have always thought that it is a nice and relaxing activity.
    I have had a special opportunity to play music with friends since last November .
    Yes , we have created a jazz band but we have also played rock, pop, classic music and so on.
    My friend Alvaro has studied saxophone for three months and Nacho has played guitar since his childhood but now he prefers to play percussion.
    We have met several times to practice together and our teacher has given us a room where we can play twice a week.

    This opportunity has been a really great experience in my life.