jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

In 1°ESO we are talking about different towns or cities. What can you tell me about Huesca and zaragoza?

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  1. Zaragoza is in the north of Spain. It´s a city. It´s got a population of about 674,000. There is a lot of tourism here, because it´s modern, clean... but it´s a bit noisy and dangerous. We like the city because it isn´t a very big city, and you´ve got all you need. Zaragoza is more beautiful than Huesca. Our favourite place is "El Pilar de Zaragoza". It is very exciting! There are loads of cinemas, but there aren´t any zoologics. There are some buses, trains, plains... Zaragoza is about two hours by car from Barbastro, but on the bus or coach it´s cheaper. How much is a return ticket? A return ticket is £9.30.
    Victoria & Luz:)

  2. "Planes",not "plains"

    Very good,Victoria and Luz!!!

  3. Huesca is in the north of Aragón. It's a big and great city. In 2009 it had a population of about 52,059. The city is located 71 kilometres from Zaragoza. Huesca has a mediterranean climate. Zaragoza is bigger than Huesca, but Zaragoza is very exciting and there are more people. There are 3 shopping centres and there are loads of shops. Zaragoza is the capital of Aragon.
    By: Maria Ballarin:)

  4. huesca is a town spanish it had 52.062 people.
    it has 161,03 km² huesca has the isuela river and the flumen river . the shield born in XVI . Huesca is located 50 kilometres from barbastro. husca is bigger than barbastro . there are 15 schools.madrid is the capital of spain

    1. huesca is a Spanish town, it has 52.062 people. it has 161,03 km². Huesca has the Isuela river and the Flumen river . The shield was born in XVI th century. Huesca is located 50 kilometres from Barbastro. Huesca is bigger than Barbastro . there are 15 schools.Madrid is the capital of Spain

      Very good,Bea!!!

  5. Madrid is a city in the centre of Spain. It is the capital of Spain and it has a population of 3,265,038.
    It's a pretty city and it's very big, but it's dangerous and noisy.
    Madrid has got a lot of tourism because it's the capital of Spain, and it has loads of luxury shops.
    There are lots of buses, trains and buses to Madrid.
    By: Andrea Altemir

    1. Lo he hecho sobre Madrid porque ya habia bastante informacion sobre Huesca y Zaragoza en los otros trabajos.

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