viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

In the first year of Secondary we are talking about OUR CLASS AND OUR SCHOOL...

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  1. In my school there are 300 students of different nationalities. In my class there are 3 nationalities. In my school we study English, Spanish and French. My teacher speaks perfect English, but she doesn't speak good Arabic. We study a lot of vocabulary and grammar, but we don't practise pronunciation.
    By: Maria Ballarin:)

  2. My school is San Vicente de Paúl. It has got about 300 students. It is in Barbastro. In our school we study English, French and Spanish. Merche is the English teacher, but she's from Spain. Laura is the French teacher. She is from Spain, but in the past she lived in France. Mari Carmen is the Spanish teacher. My class is 1° ESO. In my class there are three nationalities. I've got a friend from Germany. Ahmed is from Morocco, he's Moroccan. We don't study Chinese, because is a difficult language!
    Luz Tena★

  3. My school's name is San Vicente de Paul and it's in Barbastro. There are about 300 students. In my clas we are 21 students and there are 3 nationalities. We study English, Spanish and French, but we don't study Polish. The school is very big and quiet and it's near the hospital.
    By:Andrea Altemir