martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Hello, second year students! Can you tell us about your family?

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  1. Hi my name´s Alberto. I´ve got one brother called Jorge. My mother´s name is Begoña and my father´s name is Javier. I´ve got five cousins called: Carlos,Guillermo,Pablo,Mario and Carlota.My grandparents´
    name is Carlos and Luisa, they get three daughters called Cristina, Marisa and my mather Begoña.

    1. My grandparents' names are Carlos and Luisa, they have got three daughters called Cristina, Marisa and my mother Begoña.

      Very good, Alberto!!

  2. Hello my name is Pablo I thirteen years old. My parents' name is Jose Mª and Alicia they are very special to me. My grand-parents' name are Antonio marrried Rosario and Sevastian married Mª Rosa. My brother's name is Dniel he is very very happy. My aunts' and unles' name are Luigi married Francina and Manolo married Mª Carmen. This is my family
    Good bye.
    Pablo Aguilera

    1. I am thirteen... My parents' names are.... My grandparents' names are Antonio, marrried with Rosario and Sebastian married with Mª Rosa. My aunts' and unles' names are Luigi, married with Francina and Manolo, married with...

      Very good, Pablo!

  3. Hello, I´m Nadia and I´ve got a very big family! My dad´s name is Juan and my mother´s name is MªAngeles, I´ve got seventeen uncles and twenty three cousins for my dad, and four uncles(Mariano, Teo, Juan and Pilar) and three cousins(Sergio, Daniel and Alba) for my mum. My grand-mother´s names are Angelita and Maria, I´ve got one brother his name is David.

  4. My name is Inés and I'm thirteen. I live with my grandparents called Tino and Irene, my mother called Mª Carmen, my stepfather called Jesus, my sister and my setpbrother. Jesus is my stepbrother and Carla is my sister.
    My grandmother has got three sisters and five brothers and my grandfather has got two sisters and five brothers.
    When I travel to Barcelona I visit my uncle Jaime and my aunt Anna.
    I love my family!

  5. Hello! My name is Marina and i'm thirteen years old. Un my house, I live with my parents and my brother. They called Mayte, Miguel and my brother Miguel too. On weekends, I go todo my parents house. Their mames are Mariateresa, Manolo, Juanita and Miguel, like my dad and my brother. I have got some cousins, their names are Carmen,Raquel,Eva,Manuel and Mario.
    This is my family.
    Marina Sánchez

    1. I'm.... In my house....They are called..
      . At the weekend, I go to my parents' house.

      Very good,Marina!!!

  6. Hello! my name is Paula and I have got a very small family. I´m thirteen years old. My mother´s name is Ascensión, my father´s name is Luis and I have got a sister, her name is Laura. I live with them in our house.
    My grandmother´s name is María and she lives in Barbastro. I have got two uncles. My uncle José María is married to my aunt and they have a daughter, her name is Natalia. They live in Barbastro too. My other uncle´s name is José María too, he hasn´t got any daughters or sons and he lives in Peraltilla.
    This is my family.
    Paula Sampietro.

  7. Hello! My name is Julia. I live in my house with my father Antonio and my mother Rosa, I´ve got one brother he calls Nico he lives in extremadura because he´s working in a bull farm.
    My grandparents from my father are Mercedes and Jº Luis they´ve got 4sons and 1 daughter: my father , Pepe, Rafa, Pedro and Merche
    my grandparents from my mother are Antonio and Lola, they´ve got 2 daughters and 1 son. my mother, Loli and Ramon . They´re my aunts and uncles.
    I´ve got a lot of cousins, some of all are Isaac, Sara, Yoyo, Pedro...
    I´ve got a niece her name is Federica is very beautiful
    This is my big family

  8., he is called Nico and he lives....
    My grandparents on my father are...
    my grandparents on my mother are....
    ...some of them are...
    ... Federica. She is very beautiful

    Very good,Julia!!!