miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Hello, second year students!! Can you tell us what you and your family like doing or spending their time and money on?

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  1. Hello i'm Pablo my and my family like shopping on Puerto Venecia.
    I spend my money on fishing rodes, I love goingo to fishing with my brother. I spend my time on homeworks and study.
    Good bye.
    Pablo Aguilera Larrosa

    1. ...I'm Pablo....
      My family and I like shopping in...
      ...love going fishing...
      ... on homework and studying


  2. Hello, I'm Marina and I like spend my time listening to music or meeting friends. My brother loves playing computer games and riding a bike, like my father, they always go to different places. My mum spends his time reading books, she loves it! And I usually spend my money on sweets and candies, when I meeting friends. When I go to Zaragoza, I like going shopping with my mum, but my dad and my brother don't like it, they think it is very boring
    Marina Sánchez.

    1. ... I like spending my...
      My mum spends her...
      ...when I meet friends.

      Excellent, Marina! !

  3. Helo! I´m Paula and I like spend my time listening to music, going shopping, reading, watching TV and films...I spend my money on clothes, DVDs or games.
    My father spends his time reading, making photos and watching films with me!
    My mother spends her time in her garden. She loves flowers! she spends her money in jewellery.
    My sister spends her time going shopping with me and making photos like my dad.
    Paula Sampietro Salamero

    1. Hello! ....and I like spending...
      ...spends her money on...

      Excellent, Paula! !

  4. Hello! I ' m Claudia and my family like shopping and the cinema. I have one brother and one sister.
    My brother has got tennis and my sister has got gymnastics.
    Claudia Casas Lardiés

  5. Hello!, I`m Julia and I love spend my time listening to music, playing with my dog and speaking with my friends. My father loves reading history books and search information on the internet but my mother and me think that is very bouring so we prefer painting our nails and watching big brother together. My brother loves bullfighting`s world but I think it`s scary so I don´t like it. My brother and my father watch
    football´s programs and matchs like tennis´programs
    We often go to eat outside in familly and we speak a lot too
    We ocasionally go to Puerto Venecia too, we spend our money in this. My father hates it a lot because he tired easy so he hardly ever go with as. My brother spends his money on beautiful shirts and I spend my money on buying clothes and on sweets and chips when I go outside with my friends.
    Julia Pérez

    1. ...I love spending...
      ...and searching...
      ... mother and I think that is very boring... varnishing our...
      football programmes and matches like tennis programmes
      ...money on this.
      ...he gets tired easily so he hardly ever goes with us...

      Very good, Julia! !

  6. Hello ! I´m Ana, I like spend my free time whatching TV, reading magazines or books, chatting with my mobile phone and talk or meet my friends. I spend my money on candies, magazines, books, and clothes. I love going shopping to Zaragoza, Lerida or Huesca. My dad loves watching DVDs and reading newspapers and books, like my mum but she prefers watching TV and listening to music...
    My brother hasn't got many time, because he's studying in Zaragoza, but in his free time he usually love watching DVDs, playing computer games... He doesn´t like to read a lot because he thinks it´'s boring !
    My mum and my dad spend their money in my brother and me, or in their books and clothes. My family has similar hobbies, and I love it !!
    Bye bye,
    Ana Marco Salamero.

    1. ... I like spending my... and talking or meeting my friends.
      ... much time... he usually loves...
      ...money on... or on their...

      Excellent, Ana! !

  7. Hello I'm Alberto and I spend my time on play tennis, play computer games and in studing and in doing my homework. My family don't buy a lot of things but my mother's like shopping in shops of clothes,but I don't like
    it. My father doesn't buy anything because he isn't presumed, he spends his time on work. My brother isn't in house, because he is in the university in Lérida, he spend his money on buy food, and he spends his time on studying. We also like tavel so we spend a lot of time in travels but I want to do more travel.
    Alberto Montalvo Cosculluela

    1. ... on playing tennis, playing computer games and studying and doing my homework.
      ...my mother likes shopping in clothes shops...
      ...he isn't dandy...
      My brother isn't at home...he spends his money on buying food...
      We also like travelling so we spend a lot of time on journeys but I want to travel more.

      Very good,Alberto!

  8. Hello! I´m Elena.
    I usually spend my time in meeting friends and watch flims with my family and with my friends. I also spend it, playing football and chatting with my mobile phone, I like listening to music too.
    I spend my money on shoes, material for school, magazines...
    I love going shopping to Zaragoza or Lerida
    My father loves reading books and working in the shoes shop, my mum also likes listening to music, watching films, reading books and magazines.
    My sister loves meeting friends, listening to music, singing, and talking and dancing with me, but she now is studying in Madrid, so she hasn´t got much time, but she doesn´t like going shopping and doing exercise.
    My family, spends money in clothes, furniture, books, newspaper and films, but we don´t do exercise.
    Bye bye,
    Elena Lázaro Lapuente :)

    1. ... my time on meeting friends and watching films...
      ...chatting on my...
      ...but she is now...
      ... spends money on...

      Excellent, Elena! !